About the course

Paul Shamplina with guests Steve Wayne Landlord and Director of Benjamin Stevens Sales and letting agents and Andrew Green and partner Leigh Gainsley directors of Unipads, company landlords wither over 80 properties, discuss and debate with Paul-on this tailored course for landlords Self-Management or Not to Self ­Management. Paul and guest have 90 years of experience between them.


The course includes:

A landlords role

Provide a clean, safe property for exclusive use of their tenant, with the terms of a legal tenancy agreement Ensure the property is maintained to a safe and legally compliant standard.

Daily challanges

Things go wrong when they go wrong not at your convenience.

Things break down and must be fixed Tenant's circumstances change and not always for the better

Impact of change

Landlords will need to become more business like and professional Documentation and paperwork is paramount. Record keeping and ensuring all the deadlines and requirements are fulfilled.

Statutory responsibilities

Ensure your rented properties safe and free from health hazards
Ensure sure all gas and electrical equipment is safely installed and maintained. This includes undertaking the legal inspections in a timely manner and providing the correct documentation to your tenants.

Putting a price on your time

What is the right one for you as a landlord, in your journey?

Do you work full time?

Do you have the extra time to deal with property management, communication with your tenant on a regular basis, can you and or you up to speed with the ever changing rules and regulations in renting a property in the private rental sector. Landlords can be fined and prosecuted on many accounts for NON Compliance.

After watching this course you would of made a better decision as to whether you wish to self-manage your buy to lets or use an agent to fully manage.

Jason Dienear, Chief operating Officer at Life Residential

"Many landlords either look to self manage from day one or have self managed for a while and are not sure when it's the 'right home' to ask a professional to manage their individual or even large portfolio. This is a great course from Paul Shamplina to help you come to the right conclusion for you and your circumstances. Paul is the perfect person to deliver this as he Is completely impartial. What he cares passionately about is giving landlords the right information, not a biased view point to help him make more money, Paul is truly a landlords best friend and this Is a must see course to help you know when it's OK to self manage and when you really need to work with professionals."

Tom Entwistle, residential and commercial landlord with over 40 years' experience.

"Paul, great training resource. I think any landlord or aspiring landlord, or indeed letting agent will benefit greatly by watching your presentation. To be successful as a landlord requires insight on many levels: this programme not only flags the knowledge requirements, it gives great insight into the key thinking, the psychology behind the practice."

Kate Faulkner, Managing Director of Designs on property and Property checklists

"Paul has again presented a refreshingly frank and honest discussion lending on many years of his own and other professionals m the property industry.
A very interesting and thought provoking course for any landlords considering self managing or utilising a professional letting agent."